ExSite Webware

Exsite is used by non-profits and NGOs, small and medium-sized businesses, universities, amateur and professional sporting organizations, professional associations, and private individuals.  It is an extremely versatile system that, due to its extensible plug-in architecture, is well-suited to a wide range of applications.  It works for very simple sites (using just the built-in CMS tools to simplify site maintenance), as well as very complex ones (with suites of custom-built plug-in applications).

ExSite uitilizes LAMP technology to deliver powerful features at an economical price.  It is compatible with many web technologies, including CSS, Javascript, AJAX, and Flash.  It can manage an unlimited number of sites simultaneously, and provides tools for sharing content, designs, data, and applications between some or all of these sites.

Getting Around

Each page in this site illustrates a simple content management feature or web application.  The CMS area describes basic content management features, while the Plug-ins area illustrates how special plug-in web applications work.

If you are here on a test drive, click here to log in to the administrator screens.  Using the administrator tools, you can see in detail how these features were put together.  In particular, you should try editing pages with web applications to see how they are treated in the HTML editor.