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Free Trial Web Sites

Free trial web sites are provided for demonstration purposes only, and without warranty or obligation.   We do not claim that these sites or content management services are free of defects or suitable for your needs.  The free trial sites are provided so that you may perform your own assessment as to their suitability.  Although we are interested to hear about possible defects in the system, we provide no technical support services for free trial sites.

We try to keep free trial web sites on file for at least 90 days, but they may be kept for longer or shorter periods of time.  Free trial web sites containing objectionable or illegal content, or which cause unreasonably large resource consumption, may be shut down immediately.


Free web sites, online services, graphic design templates, and sample content are provided without warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Users requiring warranties or support guarantees must upgrade to a supported web site solution.

Technical Support

Supported web sites have access to Exware's technical support services, which include:
  • graphic design and webmastering services
  • software development services
  • database management services
  • best-practices consulting
  • search engine optimization
  • data imports and exports
  • bug fixes
  • software upgrades
  • email accounts and aliases
  • hosting
  • backups
  • other services
Exware can provide support/service at varying levels, including 24-7 emergency call support.  Contact  or click here for more information.

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