Website Packages Available

FREE Website

What you get:
  • preformatted graphic design templates
  • up to 20 pages
  • ability to edit your content
  • 90 day site lifetime
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This kind of site is good for:
  • test-drives of the content management system
  • personal websites 

Dynamic Website - $2500 set-up fee; starting at $75 + per month*

Full-service from start to finish -- this package includes custom design and domain name, as well as four standard modules of your choice. This is a monthly subscription or "pay as you go" service.

What you get:
  • custom design and domain name
  • set-up of content
  • unlimited web pages and photos
  • Google Maps
  • web forms (contact us, request a quote, etc.)
  • four (4) standard modules of your choice
  • ability to edit all content
  • 'real-time' reports for any data collected on your site
  • hosting & web statistics
This kind of site is good for:
  • small business websites (eg., consultants, professional services, etc.)
  • small associations and non-profits 


Premium Website - starting at $6500; Support & Hosting optional

In addition to design, content set-up and customization of your website, you also receive an unrestricted license to the content management system. In short:  no forced upgrades, no vendor lock-in, and no annual licensing fees.  Your website belongs entirely to you and you alone.

What you get:

Dynamic Website features, plus:

  • access to all standard modules
  • customizable database, code, and web applications
  • enhanced security/privacy
  • search engine set-up & submission
  • can run on your own servers
  • ability to run multiple websites
  • 3-months support & hosting (see below)


This kind of site is good for:
  • websites that require interactive tools & unlimited pages, photos and documents 
  • member-driven websites
  • e-commerce sites
  • multilingual sites
  • organizations with their own web servers
  • organizations with multiple websites, or multiple divisions that each maintain their own web presence
  • organizations that want complete ownership of their website technology

* Monthly Support Prices vary depending on which plug-ins and configuration options are selected.
**Additional content import charges may apply.

Technical Support & Hosting Packages

Exware offers comprehensive Support & Hosting packages that include:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • webmaster and graphic design services
  • content management system upgrades
  • hosting & back-ups
  • email
  • web statistics


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