Web Modules

Web Modules are the special applications that change your site from a simple brochure into an rich, interactive experience.

Web Modules are about function, not form. They interact with databases, collect information from the web surfer, perform searches, or do any number of other complex tasks. Web Modules are hard to put into websites because they are computer programs, not documents.

ExSite WebWare simplifies working with web modules. A variety of useful modules are pre-installed on the system, and you simply select which ones you want to add to a page. Adding a Web Module to a page is much like adding a photo, except that when viewed, the Web Module expands into a section of interactive dynamic content.

Best of all, you don't have to do any programming to make them work!

Available Web Modules

Web Modules are available for dynamic and premium websites only.  ExSite Webware has many modules available, such as:

  • Event Calendar
  • Online Registration
  • Feedback/Web Forms
  • Google Maps
  • News Module
  • Product Catalog
  • E-commerce*
  • Forums/Blogs
  • RSS Feeds
  • Member Management*
  • Online Auction*
  • Email Broadcast
  • E-Newsletter
  • Surveys
  • Photo Gallery / Slideshow
  • Members-only
  • Shopping Cart*
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Tell A Friend
  • Event Management*
  • Banner Ads

*Additional fees apply for these non-standard modules.

Can't find the module you're looking for?  Tell us about it at

Other Web Applications

The ExSite Webware system supports many more applications than those shown above, including highly specialized tools, and custom-built applications designed by third-party developers. To get access to other web applications, you need to run your own private installation of the system. See our upgrade page for more information.

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