Growing your website as your business grows

A common problem faced by businesses is scaling up their website as their business grows.

Whether you are updating your graphic design, adding content management tools, or installing new web modules, all too often, you simply have to tear the whole site down and start over.

Exsite Webware provides a uniquely scalable web solution that works equally well for the "cheap-and-dirty" website, and the advanced enterprise application. That means that your website can grow with you, from your first business-card web page to a multinational web service.

How can one system be that easy and that powerful?

ExSite Webware is designed as a server application that "power-sites" and web services can be built around. It is extremely flexible and extensible, allowing site owners to customize it to nearly any degree.

But for those who aren't ready for that level of commitment to their web infrastructure, ExSite Webware is pre-installed and pre-configured right here at, with a variety of the most common web modules ready-to-run on your site. All you need to do is enter your content!

So if your current website demands are modest, simply subscribe to the standard installation at When your needs grow and you require special tools or configurations, you can move your data over to your own private installation or premium website.

For more information the different website packages available, visit our Upgrade page.

What Modules are available?

ExSite Webware has many modules available, such as:

  • Event Calendar
  • Email Broadcast
  • Online Registration
  • E-Newsletter
  • Web Forms
  • Surveys
  • Google Maps
  • Photo Gallery / Slideshow
  • News Module
  • Members-only
  • Product Catalog
  • Shopping Cart*
  • E-commerce*
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Forums/Blogs
  • Tell A Friend
  • RSS Feeds
  • Event Management *
  • Member Management
  • Banner Ads

*Additional costs apply for these non-standard modules.

Can't find the module you're looking for?  Tell us about it at

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