ExSite WebWare's technology can be re-licensed to run your own websites, web applications, and web services.

Premium Website Owners

Premium website owners have the option of running ExSite WebWare on their own servers. In this case, you have full access to the code, and full rights to update and modify it, and to develop your own web applications. You retain these rights indefinitely. In other words - no vendor lock-in! Your investment is protected for as long as you choose to use the code.

Information for ExSite resellers

Exware Solutions relicenses the ExSite WebWare technology to resellers, to run on our servers or yours.

If you are:
  • an ISP
  • a web design or web development firm
  • a franchisor
  • an umbrella organization, or association of businesses
  • a business with numerous groups and departments each requiring their own web presence
  • an internet business offering web services in a particular market segment
  • or any other organization that would like to offer a consistent set of website tools to groups who are in charge of their own websites and content
...then ExSite WebWare is the perfect solution for your needs. Control who has editorial and design access to which sites. Provide standardized templates to control branding while still allowing groups reasonable freedom in setting their "look". Offer a consistent set of web applications and site services to your clients.

Exware provides full support to the reseller, who in turn supports their end-users. Licensing costs can be fixed-rate, or commission-based, whichever best suits your business model.

Contact Exware Solutions to discuss how we can create a website management system to suit your clients' needs.

OSS Licensing

A limited form of ExSite Webware is available under the GPL. This license is ideal for:
  • educational institutions
  • do-it-yourselfers
  • IT professionals who want to take the system for a test-drive
  • OSS enthusiasts
  • ExSite Webware developers
The GPL-licensed version of ExSite is available from This version contains a minimal set of web applications, and no support. For a more comprehensive selection of web applications, and full technical support, contact Exware Solutions about a commercially-supported installation.

GPL Licensing Details

ExSite functions as an Operating System for your website. Like a conventional operating system, it has a user interface, a kernel that provides basic system services, utility programs for administering the system, and an API that allows 3rd-party applications to run on it. It is important to understand the different roles these components play to understand the OSS licensing terms of ExSite.

ExSite files and programs are released in two or more distributions:
  1. The ExSite Base Distribution, containing kernel, utility, and associated programs and files. This is analogous to the Operating System that you install on your desktop computer. The ExSite Base Distribution is covered by the General Public License (GPL) Version 2.
  2. One or more Web Application distributions, which contain the files needed to install and run different web applications on your website(s). These are analogous to the applications that you install into your desktop operating system. Web applications are separate software packages from the ExSite Base Distribution, and may have their own licensing terms, different from the GPL. If a web application does not define its own licensing terms, then it will also fall under the Exware software license (ie. the GPL). If it defines its own licensing terms, those will supercede the GPL, and you must consult that license to determine what your rights are with respect to that particular web application.

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