A system ideally suited to the needs of non-profits

Non-profit associations have special requirements for their websites, which are often overlooked in the commercial web development world.

When your website is your office

Many organizations have no real office. Their members work from home, and in their spare time. Yet they need a place where they can "meet" and work together, whether they are separated by a few rooms or a few countries. An online community on your website can bring your members together without the constant hassle of scheduling meetings and arranging for travel.

No staff, but lots of work

Who takes care of your paperwork and records, if you don't have enough staff to do it all? Overworked volunteers, of course. Put your precious volunteers to better use by automating your data collection and records keeping online. Your members can manage their own information, keep their contact info up to date, and take care of their registrations and dues, all through your website. Make your communications more efficient with news and announcements systems, automated email notifications, and online forums.

Spread the work around

All too often, one person gets saddled with the job of maintaining the website, and it is difficult to get others involved because all the files are on that one person's computer. Using a web-based content management system, anyone with the right passwords can access the website management tools from anywhere there is an internet connection. No more waiting for the right people to pass their updates through the proper "channels" to get it online. Instant updates can be performed by anyone who has the authorization.

Interactive tools for non-profits

Dynamic, database-driven website tools have been beyond the financial reach of many small organizations. But with ExSite WebWare, you can quickly and cheaply empower your website with:
  • member management
  • registration systems
  • event calendars
  • forums and blogs
  • newsletters and email communications to members
  • news and announcements
  • document management
  • ...and many others.
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