Technical Specifications

Tools and Web Applications

WYSIWYG web editorincluded
content management systemincluded
database inspector/managerincluded
user managerincluded
site searchincluded
calendars and event managementplug-ins
discussion forumsplug-in
DNS managementplug-in
document managementplug-in
email account managementplug-in
email broadcastsplug-in
member managementplug-in
news, articles, e-zinesplug-in
photo albumsplug-in
subscriptions, newslettersplug-in
surveys, web-formsplug-ins
web directoriesplug-in


Browser compatibility (administrator tools)IE 6.0, Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.4, Firefox
Browser compatibility (public websites)ANY (defined by site designer)
Browser plug-ins requirednone
Client OSAny system that can run a supported browser, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and others.
Server OSSupported1 - Linux/Apache; Compatible2 - any server environment that supports CGI
Server Configurationno special configuration needed - works on an "out-of-the-box" Apache installation
Search Engine Compatibilityexcellent - produces normal, search-engine-friendly HTML files
File portabilityStatic pages use normal HTML, and may be copied or ported anywhere
DatabaseSupported1 - MySQL; Compatible2 - most SQL database engines, DBM, text files, and others.
Mod_perl high-performance webservingcompatible2
1 Supported - system is preconfigured to run this way
2 Compatible - system can handle this mode of operation, but some reconfiguration will be required.

Web Development

Client-side development languagesALL (including, JavaScript, Java Applets, Flash, etc.)
Server-side development languagesPerl, PHP; other languages (including C, C++, Java, Python, and others) are compatible2 through perlxs and Inline toolkits
OSS licensingyes
Customizable Authenticationyes
Developer Documentationyes

Other Features

multiple levels of access and securityyes
maximum number of sites that can be maintained under one installationunlimited
separation of content from designyes
maximum number of editable page regionsunlimited
publish to regular HTML fileyes
can render pages dynamicallyyes
restricted-access (eg. member only) pagesyes
automated menu generationyes
logs and audit trailsyes

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