About Extrema

Extrema is a mature and robust data analysis application, originally developed in the fields of nuclear and particle physics. The demanding nature of these disciplines ensures that Extrema is capable of handling diverse analysis and graphing challenges from practically any field.

With its roots at a particle physics laboratory (TRIUMF), Extrema was designed first and foremost to be of the greatest practical use to researchers. The legacy of this design approach is a data analysis and visualization package that is both extremely powerful and easy-to-use. The average user can be doing productive work within one hour of first starting the program, yet it's features and functionality are nearly inexhaustible!

Earlier versions of Extrema have also been released under the product name Physica. The switch from Physica to Extrema is effortless, and there are many new features to be gained.

Benefits to Customers

Increased efficiency Extrema's dual mode of operation offers both ease-of-use and power. For easy or routine tasks, use the Graphical User Interface. For more complex tasks, or for large-volume, repetitive jobs, use the built-in command language or scripting mode.
Increased productivity Extrema has been designed with ease-of-use as a priority. Within hours, you will be able to interactively manipulate and plot your data, customize the output, and easily import it directly into your papers.
Increased confidence The Extrema technology was developed for nuclear & particle physics research, among the most demanding fields of data analysis there are. It is also proven in a wide variety of other scientific fields at many leading universities, national laboratories, government agencies, and industry.

The Extrema Advantage