Extrema is a mature software application, with decades of development behind it. It was originally developed as a data analysis and graphing application for the TRIUMF subatomic research laboratory, where it was known as Physica.

Physica was distributed by TRIUMF to universities and research laboratories all over the world. It is used in fields such as nuclear physics, astronomy, aerospace, nuclear medicine, mechanical engineering, agriculture and forestry research, radiology, computing, communications, atmospheric sciences, and medical research.

Researchers in these fields have reported many success stories using Physica to solve their demanding problems.

Physica was developed primarily for larger, multi-user systems such as Unix and VMS. As the power of Intel-based PC hardware began to catch up and overtake the RISC hardware used by most Unix workstations, a development effort was undertaken by Exware Solutions Inc. to bring Physica to the Windows environment.

The result of this development effort is an all-new redesign of the Physica technology, which is marketed under the name Extrema.

Exware Solutions continues to support older versions of Physica through the Extrema Support Program.